Monday, June 29, 2015

Warmilu Work Day #3

Worked with Warmilu on Saturday the 27th and got started on the tasks we had created through Trello. Stacy started with the Blog page and I was assigned with the Home page. The way the page was currently set up on Wordpress I had to create text boxes to create links to other pages. So I spent most of the day rewriting content and implementing different CSS codes to keep the theme of the website consistent. I plan on creating links on the home page to different pages next and then applying Google tag manager to those links to track the user experience further.

Digital Engagement Meet #2

Wednesdays the 24ths meeting went extremely well and was a good insight into what the other interns of the program  were up to. Myself and Stacy Louis presented on our incubator company Warmilu and the work that we had provided for them. Although it was mainly task generation, it was awesome how we utilized Trello to order our tasks while also keeping track of what needed to be done when. I think that working with Grace and Steve will be a great experience while also a great way further expand my professional connections.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Funny On the Job Reccomendation

At work on Thursday the 18th, I was working with a customer and telling her all the details she had inquired. After thoroughly explaining to her everything she had wanted she said, "You should get your realtors licence and work with me".  She was very impressed with my customer service and knowledge of the service i was providing. Although I was very flattered at the time and thanked her, I knew due to being in school along with my internship that it would be difficult to find time for a full time job.

Possible Website Layout Changes

I've enjoyed the simplicity and clearness of my current website template, but I feel it could express me a bit better. I might also make a few changes to the layout so keep your eyes peeled and watch the changes unfold! Learning how to do all of these alterations myself can be challenging at times, but the blogger program makes adding and changing themes extremely easy. Utilize blogger if your looking to easily customize your personal website and you wont regret it!

Website Analytic's

Inputting analytic's into this website has truly helped me understand how important it is to keep blogs and other social media up to date. With posting and other forms of expression, website data can have more visitors than ever before. I've found that when I keep my posting consistent page views and new visitors increase, but when there is no frequent updating, visitors are more likely to not return. I rule that I need to start holding myself accountable to is to keep posting! More posts, more visitors!  

Benefits of Ad Extensions

While using the Google Ad words software, I've found that site links are an extremely helpful tool to enhance your online search ads. By using the tool, you can link different parts to the webpage to the user to make the ad more enticing to click on. I've found the tool to enhance all of my ads when it came to CTR and never second guessed when inputting them on my ads. If you have the opportunity or haven't checked it out, give it a try and let the data speak for itself!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

United Way 2-1-1

I'm currently working with United Way of Washtenaw County and I've just created another ad group that could benefit the website tremendously. 2-1-1 is a big partner with Untied Way for providing local programs and utilizing that awareness could create enormous traffic to the website theoretically. Adgroup and keywords are now in effect. Now time to wait.

Warmilu Work Day #2

Saturday the 20th, Myself, Steve, Grace, and Stacy met though google hangouts and worked from home. We had started our day by establishing our tasks and making sure that they were in line with the goals Grace had set. Once they were all approved, we started to work. I had been assigned with implementing Google Tag Manager on website to gather more data on the user experience. I had trouble at first figuring out how to implement the code into wordpress, but with some tinkering I was able to implement the program.  

First Day With Warmilu (6/19)

On Friday the 19th, was my first day with Warmilu. Grace and Steve had set up an itinerary for our scheduled time. We first started off with product demonstrations and then moved quickly to operations. This included how we would track our success through Trello while using the AGILE method. Once all this was explained, we then decided what our  KPI's would be for the 8 weeks myself and Stacy would be working. After, we then got assigned our responsibilities and what would we would be accountable for.

First Digital Engagement Clinic Meeting (6/17)

On Wednesday the 17th, all of the interns of the first ever Digital Engagement Clinic Internship met up in Ann Arbor Sparks headquarters. There Bud Gibson (creator of the program and creator of Eastern Michigan's search marketing program), reviewed to all interns what was expected of us during the 8 weeks. He also explained how the weekly meetings required us to share our weekly accomplishments with our selected companies. With that, alumni and other guest speakers would talk to all interns about their experiences within the digital marketing field.

Grace and Steve of Warmilu

On Tuesday the 16th, I got to meet Warmilu's CEO and Director of Operations Grace Hsia and Steve Dean. We started off with a casual get to know each other and then quickly switched gears to what Warmilu was about and how I would be assisting them during the 8 weeks of the internship. Grace and Steve are both very passionate about their company and want their products and brand to be a well known around the world. Due to being somewhat short staffed, both Grace and Steve are having to do multiple tasks with what little time they have. That's where I come in. Myself and Stacy Louis will be helping with website development along with content writing.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Digital Engagement Clinic Internship

A week ago, I was notified that I had been selected for a new Internship opportunity called the Digital Engagement Clinic. I am extremely excited and thankful for being selected for this opportunity. During this internship, I will be working with the company Warmilu to help create better digital marketing for their website through search and corrosponding ads. I currently have a meeting scheduled for 6/16/15 with Warmilu's own Stacy and Steve to learn more about their company.

Monday, June 1, 2015

United Way (Amanda Reel)

- Today I got the chance to meet with Amanda Reel Community Impact Leader & Volunteer Center Manager of the Non-Profit organization United Way. I learned a lot about what service they provide to the county of Washtenaw and how they are looking to create a stronger web presence. Keeping the long term and short term objectives that Amanda has described to me in mind, I know I will be able to help create more traffic to their organizations website through a stronger Ad words campaign.