Monday, August 10, 2015

Marketing Implementation Plan (Warmilu)

With Warmilu being a startup company it was necessary to create some sort of an Marketing implementation plan. Although are resources are not as vast as larger companies, we have ideas to take Warmilu to the next level. Stacy and Myself have been bouncing ideas off of each other all week and are hoping that Grace and Steve enjoy our proposed ideas. The 15th will be the day we finalize our ideas and present our information.

Warmilu Work Session (8/8)

This weeks work session was a very busy one as final changes were made to the website as well as a marketing implementation plan. Website changes were very minor and included mostly formatting. Stacy and myself also got to meet the newest intern to the group Charlie Fry! He is still in high school, but he knowledge of amazon and eBay selling is very extensive! I was extremely surprised and impressed with Charlies abilities! As the day came to an end Stacy and myself created a marketing plan and presented it to CEO Grace. Overall very productive work session.

Digital Engagement Clinic Meeting (Bob Chunn)

At today's intern meeting, everything went as normally scheduled, but there was a guest speaker. CEO of Content Oro Bob Chunn. Bob talked about what his start up was about and how the interns are helping his company tremendously. It was really cool to see how, all of the interns are impacting these small companies so dramatically. Bob also talked about who helped him start the company and how he plans to keep the wheels running.